Summary of the First 90 Days As A Freelance Writer

So what have I learned in the last 90 days of being a freelance writer? A LOT. But where to begin? I suppose at the beginning...

The first thing I did (after deciding to begin a career as a writer) was to sign up at content mill sites, and write articles based on SEO and keyword searches. Fortunately, I did my research and found one of the higher paying sites (which isn't saying a whole lot...but) and got my rusty writing wheels turning on an everyday basis. Then I signed up at article writing sites that offer revenue sharing for ads placed on your articles' pages, and found one that I thought was going to be a good fit for me. I began writing informational as well as entertaining articles on a variety of subjects, submitting them as often as I could, while continuing on with the content mills and other article writing sites that offer a pay-on-performance earning method.

Next I started my blogs, which I find to be a surprisingly enriching experience. As I've said before, I resisted the blog bandwagon for as long as possible, wanting to avoid the feeling of baring my soul to the world. Well, the (sort of) good news is, 'the whole world aint reading your blog, honey!' and it has become a very cathartic process as well as a satisfying one for me. During my lifetime, I have learned this much about myself; I want to help people in some way, give them something that will make their journey better or easier. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I was a waitress for 18 years....

Well, even though I have only been at this for roughly 90 days, the one true thing I have learned is that so many people are willing to do so much for so little. Now don't misunderstand me, I have spent most of my life doing a LOT for very little. Perhaps it's because I have realized my true calling so 'late' in life, that I am unwilling to waste a lot of time with things which don't provide a valuable return in some form or other (hopefully that return includes a financial gain of some measure).

The biggest decision I face at the moment is whether to continue placing my best work on one of the article writing sites I'm currently writing for. This particular site has generated zero revenue for me as of yet, but it can't all be about the almighty (not!) dollar. It's important to me that I don't make every facet of writing about money (or the lack of it), because I am trying to see the bigger picture here. It's more about what opportunities could come from any one of my pieces of writing, in addition to the potential help my articles are giving to those who read them. All while giving myself the sense of accomplishment and experience of building a writing portfolio that someday I can be very proud of.

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