C'Mon, C'Mon, Let's Work Together: An Open Invitation

 With so much information of varying kinds being hurled at us from all directions, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher good content from nonsensical dreck. Since beginning this new career path of freelance writing, the amount of research required to make a pseudo-educated guess at time-worthy ventures threatens to exhaust the brain as well as the eyes. But in the short time along this path I have been fortunate to connect with some quality people offering quality information. Which brings me to my point: networking.

I have never been a joiner, social butterfly or extrovert in any way aside from makeup, clothes and hair color. However, I am finding it really easy to converse with people of like minds, and help each other out in the way of promoting blog and website links. The idea of sharing valuable information is so appealing to me, especially when potential opportunities can arise from networking with others to produce a mutually beneficial collaboration. Almost everyday brings a new experience with a fellow writer or entrepreneur, perhaps this is one of the reasons why I know I have found my true calling.

Since I have yet to make up my mind regarding the focus of this here blog, I like the idea of being able to invite others to share their knowledge via website, blog or article. I believe the subject matter shouldn't really matter provided it offers valuable content in any way, shape or form. Case in point: Super Earthling is the latest addition to my list of favorite blogs and websites, which is written by a wildly talented lady who provides the reader with an artistic perspective on life, love and laughter. This fellow writer brings such a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table while entertaining us with her amazingly creative projects. I personally love her outside-the-box way of thinking and find her blog very inspiring.

So I invite you, dear reader, to share your website, blog or article with me and let's walk hand in hand along this information super-highway. We need the stability of each other to keep from falling in the abyss of unnecessary bullshit which often paves the road here. I for one know we would all do a lot better with less bullshit in our lives. It can be quite a daunting task to provide something unique and interesting for others to learn from and appreciate, so let's do it together by networking. Ya dig?

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  1. What a wonderful tribute, Lisa. Thanks so much for your kind words! :D

    I found the focus and direction for my Super Earthling blog by finally deciding to just be me, rather than trying to fit in with everyone else. Embracing and sharing my inner craziness has been fun and liberating.

    My brand of off-the-wall humor isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. It’s not meant to be. If what I do entertains some readers and brings laughter to their day, then I’m truly a happy, satisfied blogger.

    You’ve really got a good writing voice, Lisa. Follow your heart and your gut and they’ll lead you to the right direction for your blog. If you do what makes you feel happy/worthwhile/satisfied you’ll develop a loyal following, even if they just lurk and don’t post comments.

    You’ll also find negative people who don’t like you or your blog. That’s okay. Don’t focus on them. They don’t matter and you’ll only fill yourself with angst worrying about how to win them over. Just appreciate the ones who enjoy what you write because they’re golden. :)

    Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!