When You Blink and Five Years Passes and You Suddenly Wake Up and Write a Blog Post

Oy gevalt where does the time go?? Five years have passed, dear readers (like there's anyone out there actually still following this blog and reading this) FIVE YEARS. In that time so much has changed. Too much to go into here, so let's focus on what's happening now and what is in store for the future. Buckle up and let's ride...

Currently, I'm trying to write a Halloween anthology. I say trying because this is my *first* REAL attempt at writing fiction for the purpose of publication. Also, I'm trying to come up with something non-fiction, to publish via Kindle Singles. This sounds infinitely easier, as you know I am foremost a non-fiction writer, however I've not yet dipped my pen, as it were, into the Kindle publishing pool. It looks really difficult, but I'm confident that I will somehow sort it out.

The other things that have changed are not that important, but I will say that I closed my record shop, opened a bookshop, and have been steadily growing it for the last 3 years. I can honestly say that selling books is infinitely more satisfying. Although I love records, there are so many things that can and do go wrong with them (including damage during shipping) whereas books do not have these issues, as much.

While it pains me to think about the years "wasted" with very little writing, I have to believe that the time wasn't right, or I needed more practice on my own, or I needed technology to catch up with me. By that I mean it's easier than ever (and gaining in popularity) to self-publish your own works, which you can then self-promote, or leave to Amazon to promote for you. Having years of self-promoting experience, I'm confident I could get at least a few followers to spend a buck or two on my writings, but obviously I don't have the kind of following Amazon does to really make a difference. We shall see...

So with writing being at the forefront of my mind now, I hope I can continue onwards and upwards and actually get something published before the next five years goes by.

Where the Hell Have I Been and Secret Windows by Stephen King

Instead of wasting time apologizing for an inexplicably long absence, I'll just say it's good to be back. What a long, strange year (and a half) it's been. There have been deaths, births, rebirths, vast discoveries and many great victories in the time I have been away from here. But I never stopped thinking of you, never stopped thinking, "I really need to write a blog post on my neglected writing blog". Because, as I'm sure you've forgotten, I have a vinyl blog as well, and can barely keep that up with any amount of regularity, although I do try, I really do. Because of course, I am a record seller, and that's where nearly all of my time is spent, growing and cultivating my little space in the big bad world of business on the internet.
Now. Speaking of business, let's get down to it. I have managed to read a *few* (read: not nearly as many as I would have liked) books over the last many months, probably too many to mention here, but too few to give you an idea where my head has been at. So I'll just begin today's post with how I have been slowly letting more reading and writing into my daily life, one tiny baby step at a time....

This little bookshelf has been the source of great inspiration lately, I "made" it around Halloween time, and ever since I have been steadily reading and putting together a stream of thoughts and ideas for upcoming writing projects. The bookshelf is filled with mostly vintage horror short story collections from the 60's and 70's, as well as a rapidly growing collection of Stephen King, Harlan Ellison (thank you Neil!), pop culture film novelizations and a ridiculous number of horror anthologies of varying eras and sub-genres. Whew!
But the book I'd like to share with you today is the companion piece to Stephen King's On Writing which I have previously gushed about here. I'm shocked and saddened to admit that I didn't even know it existed until a very short time ago, and procured a copy as fast as I could. It goes further in depth in writing style (what to do and what not to do) and such, and includes interview excerpts from previous books. If you love On Writing as much as I do, Secret Windows is a must-have. Enjoy!

What's Going On? The Joy And Consequences Of A Writing Slump

Apologies to anyone out there, actually reading this blog, for the quiet stretch. It seems as though I'm in a bit of a writing slump; caused by lack of prioritization and life in general, and have just cracked the whip on myself to get back on the writing wagon. However,  it also seems as though there is a good balance of good and bad to this brief pause in writing, so of course I must share that with you as well...

I am no longer enrolled in the HPAP, but have previously hinted about that. To put it plainly, I feel that this isn't the best way to spend my precious writing time. And the only thing I can really say about the program is that it just wasn't for me. Those who are looking to pursue a web writing career, will most likely find it incredibly helpful and an enlightening use of time. That being said, I only lasted two of the six months, so I don't have the most well-rounded view of the program. I am very grateful for being accepted in the first place, and wish all of my fellow teammates the best of luck and continued success.

On the other side of the coin, I have gotten some solid reading in lately, and feel very good about that because I know it will fuel my writing, down the road. In less than 24 hours I have; devoured A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux (and before you roll your eyes at me too hard, it's because it has a time-travel element in the story and I've read it multiple times since 1989); written a full story plot line for the first time ever in my life; and read a healthy portion of the Writer's Market for Short Stories & Novels to get me going on the right track again. I've been good at telling myself  "writers must read--and read often" with the added bonus of no guilt attached (by thinking I should be doing something else "more productive").

All good things that. So off I go, to get more writing done. The words await. Happy writing!